• Welcome to my little corner of the internet! Grab a cup of coffee, sit back and feel free to scroll through little peeks from recent sessions. My name is Shelly and I specialize in newborn and maternity photography. I am very passionate about creating simple, classic and artistic images of beautiful newborn babies. I am located in the Durham Region and have had the pleasure of working with families from all over and around the city of Toronto, Ontario.

Pet Portraits! {Toronto And Durham Region Pet Photographer}

I am so excited to announce that pet portraits will be coming to Shelly Ferguson Photography!  These sessions are the perfect opportunity to capture your beloved fur babies at any point in their life…from their newborn puppy stage through their growth into adulthood.  As with all my portrait art (newborn, child and maternity photography) I love keeping it simple, keeping the focus (always a pun intended there!) on the subject without the distraction of too many props and accessories.  It’s one of the best ways to capture the personality of your pet.   I will be offering this service to pet owners, breeders, show dog owners etc….so if you or someone you know has a beloved pet that should be captured in a portrait be sure to stay tuned (or check the main website, follow on Facebook etc…) for more details!

puppy photographer

Newborn Cava-Poo Puppy


Keep it Simple


Those of you that know me and my work know that I love keeping things simple.  I tried the whole prop and accessory genre of newborn photography, doing all those fancy poses with the funny names (froggy, taco, potato sac etc….) and over time I realized that I am simply in love with simple.  Please don’t misunderstand me, there is nothing wrong at all with the props/colours/poses if that’s what you love.  But I have fallen in love with something different and I know that many parents out there also love simple, classic images of their newborn (or maternity, child and family images!)

There is of course still work involved in achieving simplicity.  Because all the other distractions are gone from the image you have to make sure you are doing simple really, really well to have it be a solid artistic image.  So although the following should always be considered even when using props/accessories it becomes more important with the art of simplicity: lighting, composition, camera angles, emotion etc…

I teach my methods in 1:1 private workshops for those that are just starting out in the field of newborn and maternity photography and want a very hands on learning experience but I have decided to also release a video demonstrating my workflow process for a basic simple newborn session for those that prefer to learn at their own pace and don’t need the hands on approach.  This is an excellent starting point for beginners…once you have mastered the basic simplicity you can then build your style into what you love.  Maybe you want to stay with simple.  Maybe you prefer to add some colour, maybe accessories are part of your vision.  With art, the sky is the limit…but why run before you can walk. Start with the basics.  It’s entirely possible to create a stunning gallery of images for your clients with one white blanket, one white wrap, some simple baby onesies and perhaps a black blanket for some more fine art looks.  That’s all you need.  That and some light:) Beautiful light is key in shooting any genre.

You can find my Simple Session Workflow Video in my store here: SFP Store along with other shorter videos and products to help you learn the art of simplicity.

And here is a little peek of the newly released video…


The images below were all created during the session filmed in the video.  

newborn photography workshop

Simple Newborn Photography


Happy shooting and remember to look for the beauty in the simplicity!


{Fine Art Maternity Photography}

Did you know the art of studying the human form has been around for centuries?  Artists have always been intrigued with creating beautiful art out of the simplicity of the human form, the shapes, the lines, the way the light hits it.  All forms of media have been used;  oils, watercolour, sculptures etc…

So it is no surprise that today we continue this study with photography.  I am  an artist.  I love studying the light and creating images from little more that just the subject and some gorgeous light.  Maternity photography is one of my favourite genres, and I absolutely love creating simple, classic, timeless images of the nude pregnant form…Gasp!  Nude?  Yes:) So many women these days are feeling so empowered by their pregnancies and growing their child within them.  They are proud of their bodies and they want to capture and remember this fleeting time in their lives.  Many women will only experience this once or twice in their lifetime.

For me as an artist it is empowering to see the light and how it it’s their newly shaped form…any human form is beautiful and worthy of creating art from, but the pregnant form is extra special!  The lines and shapes of the belly capture the light so beautifully.

I am asked over and over again about my process with fine art nude maternity portraits.  Things like how do you get clients to pose nude or semi nude, how do you make it not awkward during the shoot, what do the clients think, how do you shoot it….and the big question, how do you post process your final images?  (this last one is a large part of the art I create – the shot in camera is my solid base or ‘sketch’ if you will and the magic is enhance in editing) Although I do teach this in my 1:1 workshops…for the first time ever I am sharing my process in an online workshop!   I have been invited to participate in the 2017 Milky Way Online Maternity Retreat…such a huge honour.  This workshop includes amazing photographers such as Lisa DiGeso from Milk and Honey Photography, Kelly Brown for Little Pieces Photography, Ana Brandt from Ana Brandt Photography, Angie McCabe from Myrtle and Moss Photography  and the list goes on and on…to see the full line up check it out here:

2017 Milky Way Online Maternity Retreat

This retreat goes live May 16th 2017 and you will have access to ask the teachers questions for several days.  The videos are available for a full year PLUS you can download them and keep them forever!  No need to rearrange your schedule to go to an in person workshop and seriously you cannot beat the price…$297 USD for ALL the teacher videos.  ALL OF THEM.  If that isn’t a great enough deal already there is an early bird price until May 15th of $247 USD.

Ok, so that’s my little sales pitch on it.  Most mentors charge in the hundreds or even thousands, so under $300…and you get to keep the videos of 20+teachers. Even if you don’t want to learn the art of fine nude pregnancy portraits there is lots and lots of other great info to be learned!

Here is a little peek at some of my images that were captured during this video. I take you through a little tour of my tiny studio, show you that you do not need a lot of space or equipment to create beautiful portraits.  You will have a fly on the wall peek during an actual shooting of fine art nude portraits as well as a full edit demonstration in Lightroom and Photoshop of one of the images captured. I tell when and why I use textures, how I created them, how I take my image from straight out of the camera to final processing.

Maternity portraits

F a c e b o o k
S u b s c r i b e
T w i t t e r